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Prince of Peace: A poem about Jesus blessing the children, sleeping in the boat, and weeping for Jerusalem
Posted by Douglas, May 22, 2010. 1627 views. ID = 3577

Prince of Peace

Posted by Douglas, May 22, 2010. 1627 views. ID = 3577
This post was written in 22 minutes.
Almost an Elizabethan sonnet, except instead of being ABAB rhyme for each quatrain, it's ABCB, so it's half as many rhymes.
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Oh, You who held the little ones within
The shelter of your ever loving arms,
Who spoke the words of blessing in their ears
And prayed the Father guard them from all harms;
Oh, You who slept in peace while pounding waves
About your little ship did heave and toss,
Commanded wind and waves with firm decree
And safely brought your frightened twelve across;
Oh, You who wept, compassionate, for those
Who lived unmindful in Jerusalem,
While all about your enemies did plot
To have you brought to trial and then condemned;
Oh, Gentle Lamb! Oh, Mighty Prince of Peace!
Please grant that all my troubled fears might cease!

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This post has been awarded 30 stars by 7 readers.


Jeff Howe
May 25, 2010
I was going to say that it doesn't quite fall into the perfect sonnet format if you were interested in such things, then I saw the confession by you as to that very thing. Still, in a classical sense, it's quite good. The one thing I would try to avoid using as much as possible is the "did", "do", or "does" + verb combination which was only used twice here. I've seen folks lean on them as a sort of crutch to create a 'filler' beat. Cheers, J.
   ~Posted by Jeff Howe, May 25, 2010

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