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The Spirit World: A discussion between a teacher and a child about good and evil spirits
Posted by Douglas, Aug 7, 2008. 2424 views. ID = 1558

The Spirit World

Posted by Douglas, Aug 7, 2008. 2424 views. ID = 1558
This post was written in 4 minutes.
Why would people want to delve into the spirit world?

-edit: I added a bit to the poem after posting the original - I lengthened two of the "Teacher" speeches and converted them into sonnets.

I hope you read this very carefully, because it isn't exactly what it appears to be on the surface...
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Awake, my child, from sweet and happy dreams,
Cast slumber off, my lovely child - Arise!
For nothing here is just the way it seems,
And evil hides itself in goodly guise.

Oh, Father, let me sleep and rest my soul,
For I am surely safe within your care;
No evil e'er could break your brave patrol,
Nor treachery o'ercome your saintly prayer.

Oh, child, you must attend and hear my speech,
For I have much to say that you must hear,
So open wide your ears as I shall teach
Of frenzied spirits filled with hate and fear.
For all around dark spirits glide as snakes,
By terror and by rage, all joys they quench.
Despair will follow in their deathly wake,
Accompanied by dank and loathsome stench.
As sulfur, and as brimstone hotly burns,
So fierce and foul their fetid words arise;
On falsehood every word and meaning turns,
And every speech is filled with wicked lies.
Beware such evil spirits that delight
To draw your soul apart from heaven's light.

Oh, Father, see the trembling of my hand;
Your words have filled my soul with fearful dread;
This dark and grim deceit I understand -
So let us speak of goodly haunts instead!

So wise, yet innocent, my little saint,
To close your mind to grim and dreadful things;
With gladness I shall speak without restraint
Of goodly spirits and the joy they bring.
The kind and gentle haunt the world as well,
With brightly cheerful words they lift the mind,
Their rose and lilac scent of kindness swells,
With goodness, love and mercy all entwined.
How lovely are their robes of purest white,
How sweetly they do sing with joyous songs
That fill mere mortal spirits with delight;
And brings the hope of peace to helpless throngs.
Oh child, I plead: with sure and trusting hand
Embrace kind souls that walk this darkened land.

Oh, Father, now I see behind the veil,
Of good and evil from beyond the grave.
I know that goodly ones shall e'er prevail,
For they, like you, are faithful, true and brave.
And I shall surely trust the hand of those
Whose touch, like yours, with kindness ever flows.

Yes, trust in me, your soul to guide and keep,
For even wide awake, your eye is blind.
So rest again, my little child, and sleep,
Let drowsy slumber fill your feeble mind.
My love, fear neither goodly haunts nor wild,
Let neither keep you from your sleep, my lamb.
Of spirits I am Prince, delicious child,
But I shall never tell which sort I am.

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This post has been awarded 31 stars by 7 readers.
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Aug 7, 2008
Sort of dark, especially the end. I like it...
I like the way you use somewhat archaic-sounding language without seeming forced or affected
   ~Posted by clayman, Aug 7, 2008

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