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Family Greeting Card: Family Greeting Cards are great, but it's tough to get the whole family together for that Christmas photo
Posted by Douglas, Dec 7, 2008. 2695 views. ID = 2084

Family Greeting Card

Posted by Douglas, Dec 7, 2008. 2695 views. ID = 2084
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All the elves take a moment to slick back their hair
And it freezes in place in the brisk arctic air,
While Santa gets dressed in his bright crimson suit
(Mrs. Claus gives a giggle and tells him he's cute),
And the missus, she puts on a matching red dress
That has just been delivered, all washed, dried and pressed.
Now the reindeer all frolic and gambol and prance
Like a roomful of kids at the school Christmas dance.
It's a yearly tradition to pose in the yard
For a photo to place on their holiday card.
The photographer calls out for all to be still -
How he wants to get finished and out of the chill!
But there's something quite wrong, for the head-count is off.
"Is there someone gone missing?" he asks with a cough.
All the reindeer and elves, they all groan and complain;
They all know they'll be waiting for Rudolph again.
It's as certain as clockwork, determined as fate
That the youngest of reindeer once more is quite late.
He will always be late, for as everyone knows,
He takes hours to polish his bright shiny nose.

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This post has been awarded 42 stars by 10 readers.
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