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Sea Love / The Perfect Month: It's about the need for love in the present and the past
Posted by Topazshell, Feb 6, 2015. 1652 views. ID = 6897

Sea Love / The Perfect Month

Posted by Topazshell, Feb 6, 2015. 1652 views. ID = 6897
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Sea Love~

To the sea, I would go. There, I would wash
my tears with salt. Dance in the sand and laugh.

Let the sand trickle through my fingers. Carve
sandcastles on the shore by pleasant waves.

I will lie on a red towel while touching
an ecru seashell

crashes his voice as clear as morning dew
lifts my heart above the breeze like one sand

pebble, I follow with him to the cove
inside a rock bend. On the nak-

ed walls I write my name and his inside

a heart. The cave wall is a tree trunk where
I scratched his name after a lone-

some kiss shared on my submerged curves.

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