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Arrival of Fall: Light and warmth of Autumn
Posted by Tjsolstice, Oct 7, 2014. 912 views. ID = 6768

Arrival of Fall

Posted by Tjsolstice, Oct 7, 2014. 912 views. ID = 6768
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My favourite season
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The thing about seasons is- they aren't the aren't the same all over the world. The very word 'fall' just doesn't exist in Australia as a season because we don't have the magnificent colourful spectacular that occurs in many Northern hemisphere countries. As a child in Australia, we had four distinct seasons. Now it is more like two with a few alterations between.

Autumn is beautiful here. Our native trees are not deciduous, so we don't look for those glorious colours. But what I love is the warmth of the day- the sun really does stream light everywhere, filling your veins with a gentle sense of life, Then the sun goes down and a crispness begins to bite the night air.

At last the heat of the summer nights dissipates , sleep is possible. The doona comes is retrieved from the linen cupboard and lovingly placed on the bed. Sleep is undisturbed - neither the overly loud hum of a fan nor the constant drone of the air conditioner punctuate the night.

The morning brings a freshness that will once again bring the warmth of the day.

It is my favourite season.

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 1 reader.
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