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Science Fiction Holiday Pt. 2: The continuing saga from this past weeks writing prompt.
Posted by Michael Pratt, Dec 21, 2008. 1462 views. ID = 2135

Science Fiction Holiday Pt. 2

Posted by Michael Pratt, Dec 21, 2008. 1462 views. ID = 2135
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The Darko family all sat around the living room catching up on the past thirty years. Gerad enjoyed talking about the good times. In a way he wished he didn't join the military, but he didn’t have a choice because of the war with the Ziggarats. If he didn't he would of still been working at the local grocery store here in town. He would not of gotten anywhere. Most of all he would not of met his wonderful wife Jenny. Gerad started off in the Galactic Army as an enlisted grunt attached to the 44th Guardian Infantry Unit in the Pleiades Galaxy. He then tried out for Officer and submitted his package and he made it! He is now Lieutenant Colonel Gerad Darko.

"Let's not waist anymore time Sarah you play Santa and hand out the gifts!"

Sarah jumped for joy and ran to get the first gift.

"Here Uncle Gerad! You can open mine first!"

Sarah ran to get Gerad's gift and returned jumping on his lap and shoving the package in his chest.

"Thank you Sarah, you didn’t have to do that."

"I even bought it with my own money!"

Gerad opened the wrapper to reveal a picture frame with a picture of Sarah with a beautiful smile on her face. At the bottom of the picture it said:


Gerad was silent as he fought tears of joy. Sarah looked at Gerad.

"Do you like it?"

There was a Long silence.

"Why it is the best gift I ever had." He hugged Sarah tight wrapping his arms around her while looking at the picture. "Thank you so much. I will make sure this is put in a place where I can see you every day."

Sarah smilled at Gerad and left his lap to get the rest of the presents handed out. Gerad sat staring at the image wondering about the decisions he made in his life and career. Did he make the right decsions? Should he of joined the Galactic Army. Gerad missed his family so much but reality set in as he told himself three and half more years and I am done. I am retired. Three and half years, it seems like an eternity. There were days at the office and in the field he wanted to just pack up and leave it all behind the military and his whole career. Was it even worth it for the next couple of years? He looked at his wife with a blank stare. She smiled. Gerad smiled slightly back.

The rest of the gifts were handed out. Gerad got Sarah a set of glasses that when put on changes everyone in to different funny aliens and animals. She ran around laughing and carrying on as she looked at everyone.

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This post has been awarded 9 stars by 2 readers.

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