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Silence!: After the storm
Posted by smalltownlady, Jan 30, 2010. 1402 views. ID = 3146


Posted by smalltownlady, Jan 30, 2010. 1402 views. ID = 3146
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Nature provides healing.
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Forty mile an hour gusts drove in the cold rain. It froze as it fell laying a coat of ice on window panes and trees and on every road and street. The winds continued and the snow arrived in drifts. For hours the storm buffeted the state.

Inside a fire crackled in the fireplace. Television stations blared out weather warnings. Friends and neighbors called on the phone to be sure we were all right. At last the day ended and we settled down to sleep.

Come morning, early morning, the storm had passed. A full moon illuminated the pristine landscape. White, calm, clean. Opening the door we stood on the porch and observed. Neither of us said a word. There were no trains, no cars, no trucks, no planes. No dogs barked, no horns honked, no doors slammed. Nothing at all. We drank it in, standing on the porch in our robes and slippers, unaware of time. The tension ebbed from our muscles. Our bodies relaxed. We were refreshed, not so much from the night's sleep as from the balm of nature. We fixed breakfast without talking and ate as quietly as we could.

The heater fan came on. We started a fire. The coffeemaker dripped and sputtered. Finally we flipped on the television and the newscaster's voice broke the spell. The day had begun.

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 3 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: Silence!

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