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A Bad Start to the Day: Sometimes we allow ourselves to be out of control
Posted by smalltownlady, Apr 8, 2010. 1366 views. ID = 3461

A Bad Start to the Day

Posted by smalltownlady, Apr 8, 2010. 1366 views. ID = 3461
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Everyone has a day like this once in awhile.
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Joey knows it’s going to be a bad day when her hair dryer pops the circuit breaker in the bathroom. She lays the hair dryer down in the sink and runs into the garage with just a towel wrapped around her. The garage door is open and the neighbor across the street is leaving for work and sees her in her undress condition. She flips on the circuit breaker and runs back into the bathroom just in time to see the smoke coming out of the outlet where she plugged in the hair dryer. The circuit breaker pops again. Accepting the bad hair day she goes into her closet and discovers that her white sweater has fallen off the hanger and the cat has turned it into a bed. What else can she wear with the black slacks? She grabs a shirt and makes her way to the kitchen. She forgot to set the coffee pot the night before so there’s no fresh coffee and she won’t have time to go through the drive through on the way to work. Frazzled, she grabs her purse and runs out the door. The needle on the gas gauge doesn’t move. Then she remembers that the empty signal was flashing last night. Can she make the 20 minute commute without stopping for gas? Better not try it even though stopping will make her late for the 8:00 meeting at work. The car radio is playing an inspirational song. She forces herself to take several deep breaths, says a silent prayer of thanksgiving that she didn’t burn down the house and calls her boss on her cell phone and tells him she’ll be a few minutes late. As she drives toward the freeway she wonders how a song has the power to transform the day.

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: A Bad Start to the Day

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