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It's Better to Give...: Christmas gifting
Posted by smalltownlady, Dec 23, 2009. 1820 views. ID = 3051

It's Better to Give...

Posted by smalltownlady, Dec 23, 2009. 1820 views. ID = 3051
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Based on a true event.
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Miss Fern lived next door. Our houses were close together and we could look out the windows into each other's living rooms. Every night she would blow us a kiss "G-night" before she drew her shades.

Miss Fern had a sister-in-law, Miss Zelda, who lived in a nursing home in the next town. Prior to the illness that put Miss Zelda in the home, she would come to Miss Fern's at 9:00 every morning for coffee. Both were widowed and their hour together everyday was their social life.

Illness attacked Miss Zelda in the summer. As the Nebraska winter closed in on December, Miss Fern would often reminisce about the times when she and Miss Zelda and their husbands celebrated the holidays together. Miss Fern's eyes would tear up as she wondered aloud if she would ever get to see Miss Zelda again.

The car dealership suggested we take a new car for a test drive.

"Keep it all day," the sales manager said.

We made a quick call to the nursing home and arranged a surprise for Miss Zelda. Quickly we bundled Miss Fern into her coat and pushed her wheelchair out to the car.

"Where are we going?" she said.

"It's a surprise, just enjoy the ride." we said.

In about an hour we arrived at the home. Miss Fern was ecstatic as we wheeled her inside. Miss Zelda was hidden from view so we left Miss Fern in the foyer while we went inside.

"Miss Zelda," we said, "We have brought you a gift."

Miss Fern wheeled in and the best friends got wide grins. There were tears all around as they embraced. Miss Fern stayed for lunch and a long, winter visit.

At the end of the day we all were exhausted. The gift cost us nothing and yet it was priceless. That feel good feeling returns every year when we think about Christmas's past and what we hold dear.

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This post has been awarded 15 stars by 3 readers.
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