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The price of a victory.: Everyone is celebrating, save for one.
Posted by The Shawnster, Dec 14, 2008. 1435 views. ID = 2116

The price of a victory.

Posted by The Shawnster, Dec 14, 2008. 1435 views. ID = 2116
This post was written in 11 minutes.
The ending to a story in my head.
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The rebels had gathered on the ship, and all one hundred were prepared. Food, drinks, and other necessary supplies were all there, and the countdown for liftoff was indeed a joyous one.

Once in space, the cheering did not die down. Shouts of victory constantly echoed throughout the mile-long ship, and only one was somber.

She had sacrificed so much for this moment, and only now did she feel any sort of regret. This emotion had not been present throughout the years that they had all been preparing, so it even startled her that she felt it now.

When people saw her crying, they either assumed it was out of joy or shunned her for not celebrating. After a few more passings of the latter, she was sent to a small room by the leader of the entire ship.

That room held only two things: a small window and herself. This window faced the place that they were leaving: the planet Earth. She saw how black and dirty the planet looked, so different from the blues and greens of millennia ago. She watched the planet, tears cascading down her cheeks. She only stopped to listen at the door, when she heard the leader speak.

"May I have your attention, fellow comrades?" he said simply, and although the commotion had been overpowering and had controlled the room, it only took those few words of the leader to silence the entire room, where all one hundred - save for the girl - were.

"This is certainly a joyous day! Our dream has finally been achieved! We have overcome the opposition, and now there is only one thing left to do!" At those final words, the people cheered and rushed to the sides of the ship, where there was enough window space for all to see the rapidly distancing planet. Their thoughts were happy, full of excitement. However, hers were of sorrow, knowing what the final step was. She could not bear to think of all the loved ones - her friends, family, and her true love - still on that planet, yet she still kept her flooding eyes on that sphere in space.

And they all watched as the missile headed straight for Earth...

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 3 readers.
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