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The Land of the Ninja: Japan, maybe?
Posted by The Shawnster, Sep 20, 2008. 1641 views. ID = 1783

The Land of the Ninja

Posted by The Shawnster, Sep 20, 2008. 1641 views. ID = 1783
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A vacation, you say? Do you mean to travel beyond a normal limit of a person's boundaries? Very well, then.

I've always wanted to go to Japan. It seems like an interesting place to be, and I would love to experience the insanity that is "the land of the rising sun." Some of my favorite shows and books were created there, and I've heard much about it not to be interested.

Unfortunately, I know little of the language. Though guests are treated with utmost respect, I know, with my personality, I would be treated differently in the quiet society where one's feelings are not shown much. Then again, that is the world of adults. Perhaps its teenagers will be different.

My financial situation would prevent me from going. But let's assume I had an unlimited supply in which to travel to and live there.

Still, even despite my lack of money and ignorance of the language, I want to go there. Maybe I could take a friend there; she knows Japanese and has been there. That would be a lovely solution. She could help me with many problems I could - and most likely would - encounter there.

The last problem lies in my mind, the source of indecision. Where would I go in that vast land? The bustling city of Tokyo? Perhaps a quieter city on a more distant island? Kyoto, maybe, for the hell of it?

No matter where I go, though, I need to do several things. They are of utmost importance: compete in Ninja Warrior, meet some manga-ka, and definitely, most definitely, meet Shigeru Miyamoto.

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This post has been awarded 7 stars by 3 readers.
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