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I miss you: Love Poem.
Posted by Sara Taylor, Feb 24, 2008. 1334 views. ID = 648

I miss you

Posted by Sara Taylor, Feb 24, 2008. 1334 views. ID = 648
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Self exlanatory I guess haha...just a love poem lol.
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you saw me when I was invisable
when nobody else could see
you can sense when something's wrong
sometimes before even me
you're always always there
no matter what comes up
you're the only one I turn to
when my mind's full of all kinds of stuff
you will lend me your hand
you will lend me your ear
when no one else understands
you're always there to hear
I miss your bursts of laughter
miss your thoughts so loving and kind
I miss those moments in the rain
me in your arms and you in mine
I miss those times I took for granted
those times when I'd hear your voice
everything I see reminds me of you
and I really have no choice
to need you more than anything else
being alone is way to tough
when we talk about being together forever
forever isn't long enough
I know this is a lot to say
coming from someone 15 years of age
but it's all coming from the heart
and not another puppylove stage
I know it wasn't my choice
to how long I could've
but all I know is I didn't hold on
to you as long as I should've
no matter what we do
if we're together you make it fun
if I win, you win,
because of this thing called "one"
I miss you so flippin much!
I can't wait till we're together
to spend the rest of our lives
hand in hand FOREVAH!!!

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This post has been awarded 9 stars by 3 readers.
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