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Goodbye :'(: A poem about my friend who was just recently diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Posted by Sara Taylor, Mar 15, 2008. 1711 views. ID = 836

Goodbye :'(

Posted by Sara Taylor, Mar 15, 2008. 1711 views. ID = 836
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I miss you Tom! (the REAL you)
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It's very hard to explain
what cannot be defined
I want to put some sense into you
but more importantly be gracious and kind
I want to believe it wasn't your fault
but reality is slapping me in the face
You're not who you used to be
you're different in all your ways
you've gone from being my bestest friend
to a stranger that I've never met
I want to believe there's still a you inside
but I'm afraid that by now the you's dead
you used to be my best friend
so I want to deal with this with grace
but because you were my best friend
I also want to just scream it to your face
but what in the world went wrong?
what so abruptly made you change?
will there ever be a way to bring you back?
or will you always stay the same?
I still believe there is a chance
at least I hope so with all my heart
because the friendship we had was way to wonderful
to just suddenly tear apart
I wish there was something I could do
but there isn't no matter how hard I try
you've completely changed and that is that
so I'm afraid that this means goodbye.

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This post has been awarded 20 stars by 6 readers.


Mar 15, 2008
Like this?
   ~Posted by Mathax, Mar 15, 2008

The Purple Power
Mar 16, 2008
wow...i'm sorry...
   ~Posted by The Purple Power, Mar 16, 2008

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