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At the resturaunt: Story
Posted by Sara Taylor, Mar 3, 2008. 2486 views. ID = 741

At the resturaunt

Posted by Sara Taylor, Mar 3, 2008. 2486 views. ID = 741
This post was written in 59 minutes.
hehe...tell me ur ending lol.
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She walked into the little resturaunt...went up to the counter:
"I'll have a Ham Italian, please"
"Ok...everything on it?"
"please and thank you"
"Ok, it'll be ready in about 5 minutes."
She went and sat down in the cafeteria area and waited.


He walked into the same resturaunt and walked up to the counter...after waiting about a minute for the person on the other side of the counter to come and take his order:
"I'll have a.....hmmm....I'll just have a Salami sub please"
"Everything on it?"
"Yeahhh...I guess.....just no olives"
"Ok, sure enough, be ready in about 5 minutes."
He went and sat down on the opposite side of the cafeteria area from where she was. (which was pretty much the next table over).

He noticed the newspaper rack up near the beverages, So he got up and grabbed a newspaper...on his way back he quickly snuck a glance over at her...just quick enough to where she wouldn't notice him...and then he sat down.
'She's pretty cute.' he thought....'hmmm'.

[her texting her g/f]

Her: Haha, there's a cute guy on the other side of the cafeteria reading a newspaper...but I keep catching him looking at me :P lol.

g/f: Haha! & he's prolly thinking the exact same thing about U!

Her: What do U mean?

g/f: Well... the only way u would no that he was looking @ u is if u were looking @ HIM! :P

Her: Oh ur rite!! I cant believe myself! Wut should I do?

g/f: HAHA! The nxt time u catch him looking @ u...wink!! C wut he does! :P

Her: YOU CRAZY?! haha...Okay :P

g/f: u go girl! :P


By this time he was more of 'pretending' to read his newspaper than actually reading it. He was having fun messing with this girl's mind. He decided to text his buddy:

Him: Dude! There's this girl in here that keeps looking @ me...IT'S HILARIOUS!
Buddy: HAHA! Is she cute?!
Him: Yes... haha... wut should I do?
Buddy: umm idc.
Him: gee ur a help...HAH! SHE JUST WINKED @ ME!
Buddy: HAHAHAHA!!! O man... talk to her! :P
Him: umm...and just how am I supposed to do that?
Buddy: lip sync something...idk.. 'wut'r u doin'?'
Him: Heck no!
Buddy: Ur loss :P


The waitress came over with his sub...tryin gto do it quickly because she had to get the girl's italian to her...

Him: Hey can you do me a favor?
Waitress: Umm, ok?
Him: What did that girl over there order?
Waitress: A ham italian....umm...why?
Him: Well, when you bring her her italian..can you give her this note? *rips a peice of the newspaper out and grabs the pen out of his shirt pocket and starts writing*
Waitress: Haha! Ok...Sure thing sir.

He handed her the note and she went to get the girl's italian...and brought it to her....

Waitress: Here you are, Ma'am.
Her: Thank you very much! *eyeing her food...about to dig in*
Waitress: Oh...and I was supposed to give this to you... *hands her the note*
Her: Umm, Ok....
Waitress: Enjoy!
Her: Thanks.


Her: OMG!! He just gave the waitress a note to give 2 me!
g/f: HAHA! Wut's it say?!?!
Her: I think he's messing with my mind 'cause he's just bored or something
g/f: Well what did the note say?!
Her: Umm "ur hilarious...want to have coffee with me?"
g/f: Hah....he totaly likes u!
Her: Umm, he doesn't even know me girl!
g/f: fine fine fine...he thinks ur cute...happy?
Her: A lil bit...but what should I do now?
g/f: Girl, ur 17 old does he look?
Her: My age I guess...
g/f: then go sit at his table!
g/f: That would be hilarious.
Her: Ur not helping !!
g/f:'s ur life..I won't be here all ur life to make ur choices
Her: fine....btw :P haha
g/f: I will btw lol.


She just turned her head completely towards hima nd waited for him to notice her....after a few seconds he did notice her...and she gave him the "What?" smile. He just laughed and waved his hand in a "come over here" she took a deep breath, picked up her Italian and walked over to his table.

Her: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Him: Heyyy
Her: called me over here.
Him: Haha, I'd you like the note?
Her: Well there isn't a lot to like when it's just one sentence. :P
Him: haha...yeah...oh what's you're name?
Her: Hannah...What's yours?
Him: Zach.
Her: Niice...


You pick the ending :P haha...'cause I'm too busy to finish it hahahahahahaa :P

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This post has been awarded 20 stars by 5 readers.
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Mar 4, 2008
Duuude that was awesome! lol I laughed my head off...
   ~Posted by Cheri, Mar 4, 2008

Brett G. Rudder
Oct 4, 2008
At that very moment, aliens bomb the earth, and all that is left of that cafe is a small scrap of paper with an olive on it....

   ~Posted by Brett G. Rudder, Oct 4, 2008

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