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On writing a short story: Sonnet
Posted by Scribbler, Nov 14, 2008. 3088 views. ID = 2007

On writing a short story

Posted by Scribbler, Nov 14, 2008. 3088 views. ID = 2007
This post was written in 6 minutes.
An Elizabethan sonnet (I hope) written after I couldn't get started on a short story.
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The writer sits at desk with pen in hand
With paper at the ready for his tale.
But things are not proceeding as he’d planned-
Perhaps his authorship is doomed to fail.

He tries so hard to catch the story’s thread.
Where does it start? And then where does it end?
The words are whirling through his muddled head
Do actions not on former ones depend?

And whether life is hard and filled with strife,
Or one of ease with joy and bubbly froth,
The sequence of events that builds a life
Weaves in and out to form the final cloth.

And now the more I come to think upon it,
I see that I have written my first sonnet.

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This post has been awarded 68 stars by 16 readers.
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Nov 14, 2008
Nicely done, Scribbler! I stumble a bit in reading the 3rd quatrain - I think there are some meter issues there, but other than that, just about perfect! :)
   ~Posted by Douglas, Nov 14, 2008

Nov 15, 2008
Yep, that definitely fixes the issues with the 3rd quatrain. If you were going for technical perfection, you would need to add an extra unaccented syllable at the beginning of the first line. Something like "But whether life..." or "Now whether life..."

But technical perfection isn't always what it's cracked up to be, and this works just fine as-is!
   ~Posted by Douglas, Nov 15, 2008

Jeff Howe
Dec 16, 2008
Very good sonnet work. I have written several poems about writing poems, and I always find it to be fertile ground for ideas along those lines. Something about the process itself inspires. I missed the piece prior to Doug's suggestion, but your tweaking seems to have done just fine.
   ~Posted by Jeff Howe, Dec 16, 2008

Feb 20, 2009
I like the ending a lot, and I completely relate with this poem. Great imagery too, I like the weaving the cloth bit.
   ~Posted by Jessablue, Feb 20, 2009

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