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My Super Hero Family: A short autobiographical fiction
Posted by Scribbler, Sep 8, 2008. 3197 views. ID = 1688

My Super Hero Family

Posted by Scribbler, Sep 8, 2008. 3197 views. ID = 1688
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It’s quite difficult for me to write this prompt. I’ve always believed in absolute honesty – straight up and down the line. My dad’s always been pretty strict about that. He has to – with his job and all – and that’s where the problem is. You see, secretly we are a family of superheroes. There’s Mum and Dad and us three kids and we all have superhero powers- so it's a bit hard for me to pretend.
We live in a perfectly ordinary house in a quiet suburb – you know – your usual clichéd sort of thing and it’s only when Dad gets a call out that we can really be ourselves. Can you imagine what it’s like keeping a secret like this?
It takes quite a bit of serious early training to keep powers under control but some situations are just so—well, fraught; like when that bully at school has a go. Little does he know I could just stop him in his tracks if I wanted to. I do want to of course, but I know the ‘consequences of inappropriate power use’ as Dad likes to remind us all, so I use restraint. (I will admit to a little surreptitious speed enhancement though. It makes pretty good sense to get out of that prat’s way whenever possible.) I think even Dad uses a bit of power strength if he thinks we’re not looking, when he’s changing a tyre – job’s like that. And mum never has to ask for help with getting lids off jars, or changing a tyre for that matter.
So that’s who we really are. Not always the Johnsons but actually a quite different family: ‘The Unbelievables’.

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This post has been awarded 15 stars by 5 readers.
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