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Pineapple and Pup-Pup: A story of two unlikely friends.
Posted by Scott, Dec 30, 2016. 1412 views. ID = 7231

Pineapple and Pup-Pup

Posted by Scott, Dec 30, 2016. 1412 views. ID = 7231
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I thought of this story one night while trying to sleep. Pineapple and Pup-Pup are very real, and the most of the story is completely true.
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Pineapple was a curious kitty. For starters, his name is Pineapple, which is a strange name for a black and white kitty, who neither looks like a pine, nor an apple! Or, a pineapple for that matter.

Another strange thing about Pineapple is that he acts like a dog, which, as you know, is funny for a kitty! Pineapple likes to fetch, and chase things, and even eat doggy food! But perhaps the most strange thing about Pineapple is that his best friend is, in fact, a puppy!

Pineapple and Fredrick, or Pup-Pup as he likes to be called, both came from very different homes. But now, they live in a home where they are loved and cared for. Pup-Pup didn't have a home that was nice. He was treated badly, so when he got to his new home, he was very afraid.

When Pup-Pup met Pineapple, though, he began to learn that not every home was a bad home, and not all kitties were bad. Pineapple loved to be around Pup-Pup and would follow him everywhere. When Pup-Pup went out for a walk, Pineapple would stand at the door and meow until he came back in. Soon, Pup-Pup began to look forward to seeing his friend at the door, excited to see him.

Soon, the two became as thick as thieves, which, as you know, means that they did everything together. Once, when Mom and Dad had cookies on the counter, Pineapple, who could jump very far, jumped onto the counter, snuck around the coffee pot, and began to nudge the plate of cookies to the edge of the counter. Then Pup-Pup, who could stand very tall, placed his paws on the counter and pulled the plate down!

Together, the two of them ate the nice warm cookies. When Mom and Dad came home, though, they knew they were in trouble, so they ran and hid in the other room. But, Mom and Dad loved Pineapple and Pup-Pup very much, and soon, Mom and Dad forgave them. Because, as I said, they live in a very loving home.

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 1 reader.

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