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Website Troubles!: What would I do without my friends?
Posted by Scott, Jan 17, 2013. 1220 views. ID = 6080

Website Troubles!

Posted by Scott, Jan 17, 2013. 1220 views. ID = 6080
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Ok, so I take a little dig at a couple of things, but it's all in fun!
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"I think I'm alone now, there doesn't seem to be anyone around!"
"Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely. I've got nobody to call my own!"

All these old songs come back to me as I sit here, alone. There is no one with whom I can discuss the day's events. No one is here to tell me how their day has gone. How am I supposed to know the latest gossip if there is no one to share?

It seems so long since I have had the opportunity to have a real conversation with anyone. Well, okay, there are the cats, but they can only offer so much. It's not like I can engage them in a rousing discussion of the latest political developments, inquire how they feel about the state of affairs in the middle east, nor ask them if they actually care about Kim and Kanye.

I think I am going to completely lose it if someone doesn't come to my rescue soon. I mean, how am I supposed to fill up my time? I suppose I could hang up the laundry. No. Dishes? It's not my night. Sweep the floors? Eh, they aren't that bad.

Please! Someone!! Anyone!!! I am going stir crazy being here all alone!!


What?? Can it be? It is!!! Facebook is back up!! How I have missed my friends! Internet Explorer CAN find the webpage! Finally! It has been a whole ten minutes!

Guess I'll stop writing on Fifteen Minutes of Fiction and head back to see what my friends are up to.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
This post is part of a writing prompt: Website Troubles!


Jan 19, 2013
Having a bit of withdrawl?
   ~Posted by MissAnnie, Jan 19, 2013

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