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The Invisible Man: Random thoughts late at night
Posted by Scott, Oct 18, 2011. 1353 views. ID = 5066

The Invisible Man

Posted by Scott, Oct 18, 2011. 1353 views. ID = 5066
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My mind goes to crazy places late at night. Sometimes, I just need to write my thoughts.
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It amazes me how we can miss those things which are right in front of us. Keys, cell phones, glasses, debit cards. The list never ends. If it can be missed, someone has overlooked it.

The truly sad thing is when that which is overlooked is another person. The invisible man.

How is it that someone can spend so much time with other people and still not be noticed? Take for example a restaurant with a round table, with about six people around it. After an hour into the evening, one person says to the person right across from her, "When did you get here?"

The answer? "I've been here the whole time." Slam! The invisible man.

Or how about having someone ask the person next to you, "How is she doing?"

"She's standing right here, why don't you ask her?" Slam! Invisible woman.

There are those that enjoy being the center of attention. For them, it works. Why they enjoy being the center of attention, I will never understand. There are those that don't mind being behind the scenes. However, it is one thing to be behind the scenes, it is another to be totally invisible.

Who is it that is standing right in front of you that you simply don't notice? Who might be standing there begging to be heard? Maybe your spouse, your child, the neighbor, a co-worker. Whomever it is, stop and look. You never know whose life you might change.

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This post has been awarded 15 stars by 3 readers.


Sep 4, 2012
I like how you think.
   ~Posted by Trent, Sep 4, 2012

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