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A Place to Call Home. Maybe: The next in a series of stories about Charlie and Mira
Posted by Scott, Apr 22, 2011. 1269 views. ID = 4563

A Place to Call Home. Maybe

Posted by Scott, Apr 22, 2011. 1269 views. ID = 4563
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Sorry it has taken so long for the next installment. But hopefully, the wait is worth it.
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This post is Part 8 of a writing series titled The Little Vagabonds.

"What do you think?" Charlie stood in the shadows listening to the young couple talking about him and Mira.

"I hope that they will like it here," TJ said to his wife. He reached out and took another flower patterned plate from the dishpan. Slowly, almost absentmindedly, he began to wipe it.

"They seemed to be ok." Melanie turned to her husband and lines appeared on her pretty face. "They must have had such a hard time out there. Their clothes, they were little more than rags!"

Having been foster parents to so many kids, the couple had extra clothes on hand. Mira had found a pink nighty with Dora the Explorer on it. Charlie and Mira had never watched the show, but it was pink, and that was good enough for Mira.

Charlie was wearing an over-sized New York Yankee shirt. TJ had offered shirts that would be more Charlie's size, but the Yankees had been his parents' favorite team. He didn't tell TJ this, though. Charlie just said he liked the feel. There were some secrets he preferred to keep. For now.

They each had a nice hot bath and Melanie had taken extra time brushing out Mira's hair, while Mira brushed Mr. Mittens who was, once again, curled up in her lap. Mira liked the attention and babbled the entire time.

The kids opted to share a bed in the room that had been used by so many other children. They could have each had their own, but spending so much time alone, they weren't about to leave each other now.

Mira had fallen asleep quickly, the little cat nestled peacefully next to her. Charlie, though, could not seem to quiet his mind. His thoughts raced to what was going on downstairs. Why were these people being so nice to him and Mira? What was in it for them?

After his mother had died, people seemed to abandon Charlie and Mira and their dad. Why, after all this time, would someone want to help them now?

"All we can do is hope that they allow us to help them. We just have to remember what Rachael said, and just take it slowly. " TJ finished drying a cup and placed it gently in the cupboard.

"They are not like the others kids who came here. Charlie and Mira were left all to their own. It has to be their decision."

"But if they try to leave, won't they be taken by Child Services?"

Charlie's breathing suddenly became shallow as he realized he may indeed be separated from his sister.

"If they try to leave," replied TJ, "then yes, they would. We have to make sure that doesn't happen. These kids would crumble without each other."

The couple, having finally finished the dishes, walked silently into the living room, leaving Charlie to digest what he had just heard. Not only did these nice people want to help Charlie and his baby sister, but they wanted to make sure that the siblings stayed together.

Charlie walked quietly back to the room and slipped in next to his sister. The kitten mewed, then tucked its head under its paw and went back to sleep. As he drifted off to sleep, Charlie started to dream that, while it would never be 'home', maybe this wouldn't be such a bad place after all.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
This post is Part 8 of a writing series titled The Little Vagabonds. The next part of this series can be found here: Church Time.

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