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Will the Human Soul go Green?: Only god can recycle a soul
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Apr 7, 2013. 962 views. ID = 6215

Will the Human Soul go Green?

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Apr 7, 2013. 962 views. ID = 6215
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A tongue and cheek look into Heaven
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Every year it seems that modern technology has developed a way to recycle another resource. Aluminum, metal, plastics, even electronics have been reformed into something useful. When it comes to people, they too are recyclable as medicine reuse healthy organs from those who pass by putting them into people whose organs are failing. However, the human soul is a resource that is not considered recyclable by science. Even if the reuse of a soul were possible it is easy to see the moral slippery slope this could lead us, for to recycle a soul, we would need to harvest it while still in the host and therefore still being used by said host.

We take you now to Heavens Think Tank, a group of handpicked angels that sit at the left hand of god (I think we all remember just who sits at his right hand). This board has no authority but is more of a sounding board to the lord as they bounce around ideas to help him arrive at policy and direction.
"All right group, lets settle down, we have a lot to cover today, and we better get started. As usual, the problem is with the humans again, their numbers are growing so fast they are beginning to clutter up the place. We know that god has made both heaven and hell infinite but the humans are breeding so fast that the afterlife is getting too crowded. Therefore, the first question of the day is how can we alleviate the congestion?"
"I say wipe them all out and send them to Hades, let old Lucifer worry about where to store them."
"Interesting yes, but I see a few problems with this thought. First you know that the boss would never allow a member of his flock to be damned eternally and then you have his promise to Noah..."
"I have to agree with Urie, I know the big man would never agree to go down that road. Come on angels, let's all try to think outside the box here. I know we can solve this problem..."
"How about a recycle plan, you know, something like the Hindu reincarnation belief. No don't laugh; it just might work if we presented it right. I know I would rather spend some time in hell as compared to say Detroit."
"And as far as Heaven, have you seen Tahoe in the spring time? I wouldn't mind spending a weekend or two there."
"OK, can we agree that this might be workable? Let's toss it around a few more time before we present it to the big guy but honestly I think this just might work."

We now leave the group still in session and unresolved but as far as this writer, I afraid I'm going have nightmares about Detroit tonight. I'm thinking I had better go to church this Sunday. Please don't misunderstand me, I am sure Detroit is a fine city, ah who am I kidding, everyone knows about Detroit.

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This post has been awarded 14 stars by 3 readers.
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Apr 7, 2013
Ha ha...the Detroit part is great. :D
   ~Posted by Douglas, Apr 7, 2013

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