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Superbowl 2013, Who Ya Got: It's not just a game it is the event of the year
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Feb 3, 2013. 1053 views. ID = 6102

Superbowl 2013, Who Ya Got

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Feb 3, 2013. 1053 views. ID = 6102
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It's not about life or death, it's much more important than that
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Let me start by saying I am a football fan and I wouldn't want to admit how many Sundays in the fall I spend six to nine hours glued to my TV watching the game. I'm looking forward to this years Superbowl not with the hope of one of the teams winning but with the hope of an enjoyable game of superhuman plays made by the stars of the game. To say that the Superbowl is just game is the same as saying that Thanksgiving is just a meal because they both have become so much more.

Superbowl Sunday is now the day that is filled with excesses, including CBS having seven and a half hours of pregame hype. As we get together to watch the game, we eat more junk food than any other day of the year and drink almost as much as we do New Year's Eve. There is more money gambled on the office Superbowl pool than any other event. In Las Vegas, you can wager on every aspect of the game even down to which side will win the coin toss. Business spends hundreds of millions on commercials so impressive they even have their own TV show where nothing but Superbowl ads are shown.

To have an opinion on the big game is required around the office water cooler, as everyone becomes a football expert. I remember I had just started dating a shy young lass and because I wanted to be with her, I invited her to my place to watch Superbowl lll with my friends. As everyone talked about the game, she announced that Joe Namath and the New York Jets would easily win the game. Of course, no one else believed this and even I thought she was just ignorant of the game and yet as we all know now, she was right. That game turned the championship game into the Superbowl. It showed that the upstart American League could beat the long established National League and the game has grown every year since then. As for the girl, well how could I let such a football expert get away and in fact, we have been married for over forty years now. So as to the answer to who ya got, well my bride says the Ravens and believe me I know better than to bet against her. I say Ravens 27 Forty-niners 24 and I can hardly wait to see it.

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This post has been awarded 8 stars by 2 readers.
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