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Stuck on the the Thirty-Seventh Floor: Another ripple to a boring existence
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Sep 22, 2013. 997 views. ID = 6379

Stuck on the the Thirty-Seventh Floor

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Sep 22, 2013. 997 views. ID = 6379
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Sometimes bad luck becomes good news
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Jeff missed the express this morning but was too distracted to even think about it. He got on the regular elevator not caring that it would be stopping at almost every floor to let off its passengers. Now normally this would be quite upsetting to Jeff but not today, no not today or maybe never again.

After the door closed on the thirty-third floor there were only three people left and they all were going to the top. Johnson made some snide remark about the 'riffraff' being finally off and now they could continue to the top in peace. Simons laughed about it but of course, Jeff said nothing. Johnson then asked Jeff what was wrong, for he had noticed Jeff not only looked morose, he hadn't said one word since he'd boarded. Just as he started to respond, the elevator came to a jerking halt.

"Oh this is just great, not only did we get stuck riding the cattle car, now it's broken down," Johnson groused.
Simons looked like he was ready to have a panic attack, for although he never mentioned it, he hated elevators and other confined spaces. He could see all the progress he had gained from the therapy sessions fading fast. He yanked open the little door to the emergency telephone and began screaming on the phone about being trapped. Luckily, Johnson could see that the man was losing control and took the phone out of his hand and began speaking rationally to who ever had answered. When he hung up, he said,
"That was the elevator company they said they'd be right here to get us out. Of course, you know they're all away across town, at the very least an hour away, so it looks like we'll be here awhile. Calm down Simons, it's going to be OK, they'll get us out it's just going to take some time."
As for Jeff he didn't even care, well that is he didn't care until he noticed what floor they were stuck on. When he started laughing Johnson worried that he was stuck with two nut cases on this car. He finally had to ask him just what the heck he was laughing at.
"Look, see what floor we're stuck on, yes it is the thirty-seventh floor. This is wonderful news; I can't believe how great this is."
Now, Johnson knew for sure that Jeff was losing it but when he tried to quiet him down Jeff stopped him.
"No, no you don't understand, you see, I went to a fortune teller last night and she swore that I'd never get to thirty-eight. I thought she meant that I wouldn't live to thirty-eight"

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This post has been awarded 14 stars by 3 readers.
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