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Her New Boss: A handsome new boss takes over
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Dec 15, 2013. 1083 views. ID = 6485

Her New Boss

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Dec 15, 2013. 1083 views. ID = 6485
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Some people love themselves too much to enter into a real relationship.
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I overheard her on the phone,
"Oh my god June, he's like an Adonis, I swear I've never seen a man so handsome."
Who was she talking about I wondered and to tell the truth I felt pangs of jealousy about the way she was describing this person. I didn't want her to know I was eavesdropping so I didn't bring it up when she disconnected. Even so, I found out soon enough when she told me she just got a new boss and that he expected her to stay late at work a few nights a week.

My pangs of jealousy quickly turned into a heart wrenching, stomach churning anxiety attack but now I was too fearful of the answer to ask her about him. However, after coming after midnight the first late night she had to work; I could no longer hold back and I had to confront her about him. I told her I heard her describe him to her friend June and was afraid I would lose her to him. She actually laughed,
"You mean Robert, that's funny; he doesn't even know I exist. I'm just some monkey that transcribes his notes for him."
At first, I felt better at what she said but then I noticed she didn't deny she was attracted to him or that she would turn him down if he made a play for her.
"OK I understand but just what would you do if he did 'happen' to notice you?"
"Don't be silly, you know it's you I love, no self-centered pretty boy could steal me from you."

Of course this being fiction I could end the story happily but in real life it went different. Not only did this pretty boy make a play for her, she fell for it hook line and sinker. She left me for him and not long after; he bored of her and dumped her for another girl in the office. With both our hearts broken and my pride too hurt to make amends, we went on with our lives apart.

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This post has been awarded 17 stars by 5 readers.
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