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Achromatopsia: A world of black and white
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Sep 15, 2013. 1115 views. ID = 6370


Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Sep 15, 2013. 1115 views. ID = 6370
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It reminds me of TV land when I was young
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Welcome to my world, a place not of colors but only shades of grey. Since Achromatopsia has two suns, we have sunset and sunrise twice every day but without color, they are all merely the dropping of a disk into grey seas. Our two suns spend their days chasing each other around our world and therefore it is never dark so what you in your world would call night we call second sun.

Yes, ours is a world of black and white but there is still much beauty here. The multi-directional shadows of our two suns present a unique splendor known only in our world. Our horizon has clarity and a definition so beautiful that as a child I would lie in the tall grey grass and stare at it for hours.

Of course, in a colorless world nature has no need for flowers to attract insects to pollinate and so our bees have developed a strong sense of smell to find the plants they seek. Without the need to flower our fruits and vegetables are larger, juicer, and incomparable to those grown on lesser worlds. On Achromatopsia you might say that beauty is in the nose of the beholder as the aromas that come off our plants delight the senses with a cacophony that is overwhelming at first and yet unforgettable as well.

I have traveled to your world, I've seen your colors, and yes, they are quite pleasant. However, I can't help but feel you have given up so much for a few extra hues. As far as I'm concerned I'd much rather smell a field of sweet clover than to see a few flowers. Sunsets come and go, a flower's beauty is fleeting, but the warmth of our second sun warming your face is a pleasure that is unforgettable.

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This post has been awarded 19 stars by 4 readers.
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du courage
Sep 15, 2013
Nice picture. I'd love to have two suns, however what's day without night?
   ~Posted by du courage, Sep 15, 2013

R. Wesley Lovil
Sep 15, 2013
In Achromatopsia the night is not dark but less bright due to the smaller evening sun.
   ~Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Sep 15, 2013

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