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The Passing of a Hero: Beloved by all of Flyland, this was the obit no one wanted to see
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Oct 14, 2012. 1169 views. ID = 5943

The Passing of a Hero

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Oct 14, 2012. 1169 views. ID = 5943
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To the humans it was a bother, to the flies it was a lifestyle
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All of Fly Land is morning the passing of Darrel 'Daredevil' Housefly. Daredevil was killed by a human just minutes after reaching his twenty-ninth day of age. Days past the age of retirement, Darrel refused to give up his beloved sport and in if fact had just told one of his many offspring that he'd rather be dead than give up human buzzing.

Daredevil was truly one of the best of the game and even at his advanced age was a pure joy to watch in action. No one could agitate a human like the Daredevil, with his dives, his jukes, and his ability to 'disappear' as the human came at him armed with their swatter of death. At twenty-nine days old, Darrel knew he had lost some of his agility but with age comes wisdom of the game and so he used his smarts to stay on top of his game. He always said that it was us against them and human buzzing wasn't just a game it was a lifestyle.

Of course, it is a dangerous game and one false move not only ends a career it ends a life and sadly that is what happened to Daredevil. After driving the human from the room, Daredevil was basking in his victory on a warm windowpane. Who knows what he was thinking as he relaxed in the warm sunshine but whatever it was he never even saw the human return, armed and with death on his mind. The end was swift and merciful and if we could ask the Daredevil, he surely would take going out that way instead of dying of old age is some old fly's home. Twenty-eight and one is a great record, one that may never be matched and yet today all of Flyland is morning that one lost.

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This post has been awarded 3 stars by 1 reader.
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