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The Lady and the Lamp: A twenty-first century legend
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Feb 12, 2012. 1015 views. ID = 5402

The Lady and the Lamp

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Feb 12, 2012. 1015 views. ID = 5402
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There are some wishes that even a genie can't grant
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Laura had no idea what surprises awaited her when she began to polish the antique lamp she found on the beach. She could almost make out the writing on the side and the more she polished the clearer it became until finally she could see what it said. Property of Genie Inc. upon completion of required rubbings a return task or wish, although limited, will be granted. Of course, just like everyone Laura knew of the legend and wondered if this might be that very lamp. She began to polish harder waiting for that puff of colored smoke to arise with the genie inside, only to be disappointed, as nothing happened.

Suddenly Laura noticed she now was sitting in someone's shadow, she looked up to see a man who appeared to be totally out of place on the beach. Not the genie of movies and books, he wasn't ten feet tall nor was he wearing a turban. This strange man was in a suit, a good one too, maybe a Brooks Brothers and instead of a turban, he wore a fedora on his head. She also noted that he carried a briefcase not a scimitar. The man handed her a card that read, George W. Calhoun LL.M. Attorney representing Genie Inc a limited corp. Laura looked up when the man spoke,
"I see you have found our property and upon return of said property I am authorized to reward you a finder's fee, so to speak."
"Oh golly that is so neato; OK I want the new i-phone only in pink, no not pink, fuchsia."
As soon as the phone was in her hand, she knew that the wish had been too easy and frivolous.
"Laura now don't waste your wishes on anything silly, OK, OK I know, I want peace in the Middle East, I want all the countries to love one another and never fight again."
"That is an impossible wish; there are some wishes even Genie Inc can't achieve. They have been fighting for thousands of years and their hatred for one another is impossible to quell. Think of another wish, maybe the new i-pad in a matching color to your phone or how about a new pair of Louboutins."
"No, I know what I want, a new boy friend. He must be strong but caring, a man who will love me for what's in my chest not on my chest. Not a silly boy but a man's man and yet who would prefer to watch Sex in the City with me instead of football. I want a man..."
"Talk about impossible wishes, let me take another look at the Middle East peace wish again."

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This post has been awarded 14 stars by 4 readers.
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Feb 12, 2012
A nice short story with an interesting ending. The idea of a modern genie was good
   ~Posted by MK, Feb 12, 2012

Feb 12, 2012
love this,made me laugh out loud!
   ~Posted by alilee, Feb 12, 2012

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