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The Big Date: A change in plans changed my life
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jan 22, 2012. 1007 views. ID = 5315

The Big Date

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jan 22, 2012. 1007 views. ID = 5315
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Life is what happens as you're making plans
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I had just changed jobs and was now working in the upscale part of town. Working around all theses wealthy people I was sure my life was going to change and yet had no idea the turn it would take. My dream now, was to put a little class in my life, no more hanging out with my buddies and dating the same old girls we had all known since high school. I felt with the new people I was meeting I would be able to broaden my horizon and maybe even grow into an adult.

I made plans for the perfect date, I bought tickets for a new show, made reservations at a fancy restaurant I had always wanted eat at, and I even bought a new sports coat for the occasion. Now all I had to do was decide which girl I wanted to ask out, the first one I asked turned me down, the second had plans for the evening, and so it went, as it seemed none of these 'fancy' girls weren't interested in a boy like me. That all these women I had talked to and even flirted with these past few weeks didn't want a date with me hurt my feelings and I was feeling morose to say the least.

It was the day of my big date and I still had no one to take out. By my coffee break I had decided, rather than just waste all the money I'd spent, I would ask one of my old girlfriends out. I bought a coffee from the girl behind the counter and when she made some comment about how hangdog I looked, I looked up at her to see smile on her face. I took my cup outside to sit alone at a table and then maybe a minute later she came out and joined me. As we talked, I was embarrassed that she knew my name but I didn't know hers, she even kidded me on it. I looked at her as she told me a little about herself and it was like for the first time. On first glance she was a mess, after all she'd been working all day. Her hair curly and wild had started the morning done up some way on top of her head but was now doing everything it could to escape it pins and clips to be free. When I noticed a smear of what must have been flour on her face I saw the freckles flung across her cheeks and little pert nose, I wondered why I had never noticed them before. As for clothes, she wore the uniform of cafeteria help, unflattering by design it was a shapeless white dress made of polyester.

It was her smile that captivated me, every time she smiled it went all the way up to her blue eyes and it made them sparkle. I suddenly realized that she had stopped talking and I was still just starring at her. In a rash moment, I asked if she wanted to go out and when she asked when I said tonight. We've been together ever since that coffee break and I've often thought that if one of the girls I'd asked on that date had accepted I might never had met my wife. She was not close to the girl I was looking for and I might have wandered for years without knowing the girl that was my soul mate was right there all along.

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 3 readers.
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