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Mount Olympus: The Tax Man Cometh: The gods may escape death but not the taxman
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, May 20, 2012. 1087 views. ID = 5656

Mount Olympus: The Tax Man Cometh

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, May 20, 2012. 1087 views. ID = 5656
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In these trying times, we must all pay our share
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As the European Common Market tittered on the brink, the economic world was positive that Greece would not be able to meet its deadline with the massive payment due on its huge debt. Suddenly, somehow, this great country not only paid their loan, they paid it back in full including interest penalties. Of course the big question is, how the Greeks did it, how did they come up with capital when no one in the land had any ideas on how to return to fiscal responsibility.

It wasn't a financial genius or political mastermind who saved this ancient land, no, it was a mid level civil servant, an unsung hero who salvaged their economy. Meet Argos Balsios, as the local tax assessor one of his jobs was to make sure everyone paid their fare share to the government. On weekends, Mr. Balsios enjoyed hiking and often spent time on Mount Olympus exploring that great mountain. One day he found a passageway at the end of a short cave and as he came out the other side, he found a grand palace.

Argos, the dedicated tax collector was not awed by the splendor of this great castle but by the thought that it wasn't on the tax rolls. He pounded on the massive doors then demanded to see the owner of the property when the servant opened them. Suddenly the Mighty Zeus himself was standing before our hero.
"What kind of mortal are you, so foolish to knock on my door? If you are another of those religious zealots who want to show me the way you will soon regret your zeal..."
"No sir, I work for the government and I'm here to make sure you are paying your taxes."
Argos took out his tablet and was ready to begin listing assets when there was a bright flash followed by loud bang at his feet.
"Have a taste of a thunder bolt to see what happens to those who upset the mighty Zeus."
"Sir we'll have to list that as a ten percent penalty for unnecessary use of electricity. OK shall we begin; I want to make sure to get a complete list of your assets so that you may pay your fare share."
And so it went, as the powerful god stunned by the temerity of the brave civil servant, followed him from room to room while he did his tallies. Argos Balsios, tenacious government employee came off Mount Olympus with enough gold to not only pay off the debt of his country but to help put it on the road to recovery as well.

As we praise Mr. Balsios for going far beyond the call of duty, we can't help but wonder about our own country. How many palaces of the gods do we have? Untaxed cash cows, which collect alms from rich and poor alike, churches who gather tithes and yet do not pay their fare share back to the people. Just because a cathedral is a home to god, does not excuse it from being added to the tax base of the land.

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This post has been awarded 13 stars by 4 readers.
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