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We Welcome Our New Evil Overlords: Are they our tool or our overlords?
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Feb 27, 2011. 1247 views. ID = 4398

We Welcome Our New Evil Overlords

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Feb 27, 2011. 1247 views. ID = 4398
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Are we powerless to stop technology from ruling our world?
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First of all, I love my computer; I'm on it every day, if not sitting at my PC at least on my phone. No matter what my plans are, I always start at my computer. If I'm going out I check the weather and traffic first, I've learned to buy tickets to just about any event on line before I leave the house. If I have quick question for a friend before I leave, it's so much simpler to send an e-mail or text that actually to talk to that person on the phone.

What I love about my computer is also, what I hate about my computer. What started as a social tool is now making spontaneity almost imposable. Whereas at one time I made so many simple rash decisions that had unforetold implications on my life, now most things are planned and predicable. The easier it gets to let our computers organize our lives the more we allow it to. Life is not a daily schedule of events; life is what we do around that schedule. The future is up to you; your computer can plan your day and your night for you allowing you to follow a simple plan for life or you can follow kismet or as the song said 'que sera sera' and just live the life fate chooses for you. One is easy; one is exciting, one way is simple the other unknown, and just which sounds like more fun.

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
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