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TV Advertisement- Authors Corner: A thirty second ad for a new TV show
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jan 23, 2011. 1060 views. ID = 4325

TV Advertisement- Authors Corner

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jan 23, 2011. 1060 views. ID = 4325
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At last, the classics come to TV

We at National Broadcasting System know that you're tired of sit coms full of sight gags and pratfalls; we know you're up to here with dramadies about lawyers and cops. We know you'll scream if you have to watch one more reality series, that is why NBS is bringing the next big hit to TV this fall. You are not going to want to miss 'Authors Corner' it the new show that brings the classics right to your living room. All the classic authors you've always wanted to read but just can't find the time, well now you'll be able to relax and watch them come to life in our new weekly show.

Don't you wish you could say that you've read Joyce, but he is just too dry to get through? How about Chaucer, nobody can read Chaucer, well now you don't have to, you can watch them and more right here at NBS. We knock the dust off fine literature and introduce it to the twenty-first century in TVs finest one hour show. Our first show is 'Crime and Punishment' by Dostoyevsky, now that is a classic that everybody wishes they had read but now you won't have to. You'll never forget the scene where Rodion Romanovich Raskolinkov learns that he is not Napoleon Bonaparte and therefore murder is not permissible even in the pursuit of a higher purpose.

Have you always felt that even Cliff Notes are too long, yeah me too and that is why you won't want to miss even a single episode of Author's Corner. As always, you get the best TV here at NBS, now stay tuned for the new reality hit, 'Dufus Goes to College'

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