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To What Might Have Been: A tail of missed opportunities
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jan 2, 2011. 1220 views. ID = 4275

To What Might Have Been

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jan 2, 2011. 1220 views. ID = 4275
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To many putting off work is a reward in itself
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As I look back on my life and think of disappointments I find most have been caused by an affliction I have battled my whole existence. You see I am cursed with the burden of procrastination, a most debilitating quirk of my personality. I have lost more chances of attaining desired goals than I can count and all because of delayed filing of papers or deadlines missed etc.

My own diagnosis of this malady has me believing that a fear of failing or, messing up if you will, has me putting off things I need to accomplish. Of course, the utter foolishness of not doing something in order not to fail makes my ailment almost comical. Just knowing these facts does not seem to matter to my subconscious and it continues to dictate my choice of putting off things of importance to my life.

To many who would look at my life might say it was successful, I've help raise a fine family all of whom I am proud, I've had a rewarding career and am now enjoying the compensation of a nice retirement. Yet to me I only see what might have been, what if I'd taken those extra classes in school I thought about, or interviewed those positions I was interested in at work. Well that ship has sailed now so it is better if I don't look back at such things.

Therefore, in ending, I have to say my biggest disappointment is with myself and my constant procrastination. I just know that if I work hard enough I can defeat this and become a better person; yes, I'm going to start tomorrow...

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This post has been awarded 19 stars by 4 readers.
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Jan 3, 2011
Hilarious! I know exactly who Procratination is! Wrote a confising poem about him (I personified it lol) Oh gosh can't sleep! :/
   ~Posted by gabemay, Jan 3, 2011

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