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The Ultimate Vacation: Don't get too excited, it's just a dream
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jun 19, 2011. 920 views. ID = 4698

The Ultimate Vacation

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jun 19, 2011. 920 views. ID = 4698
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Where do you go if you can go anywhere?

I've never been one to dream about vacations and most of the time if it were up to me I'd just as soon stay home. However, vacations are about family and my family usually has different ideas about destinations than myself. We have pretty much done all the vacation places that we were interested in, at least in the western part of the country. You know the list, Yosemite, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Hawaii etc, we've done them all, therefore, when it came to selecting an ultimate vacation it wasn't as easy as one might assume.

Where would I go if I could go anywhere cost free? That's a lot of pressure, I mean you don't want to blow a once in a lifetime vacation. I kept saying to myself, 'any place in the world, where do you want to go.' As I mused this thought in my head it hit me, I didn't want to go anyplace in this world I wanted to go out of this world. That's right; I want a trip on the space shuttle for my ultimate vacation. I want to go where only a few hundred people have gone, above the sky and into orbit out in space.

After the scene in that sixties movie, "2001 a Space Odyssey," where the hero is flying to the moon aboard a shuttle like vehicle, I've always thought that someday space flight would be as common as jet flight. The passengers aboard this space shuttle sat around chatting as flight attendants served drinks and peanuts (I guess some things never change).

Well 2001 as come and gone and although a few billionaires have gone up in space, we are no closer to space travel for the common man than we were when that movie was made over forty years ago. I now do not believe this will happen in my lifetime, so if I want to experience space travel it will have to be a contest winning type all expense paid trip to anywhere.

I've made my decision, I know what I want, sign me up I'm ready. Give me whatever training I need I can take it; let's get this show on the road.
"Ah, but sir, this is only a fantasy ultimate vacation, that is why we pay all expenses because there is no cost in dreams."
Oh sure, just a dream, I knew that it's just that...

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