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The Tardis 2021 Mark lV: If you have to travel why not through time and space
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Nov 13, 2011. 900 views. ID = 5146

The Tardis 2021 Mark lV

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Nov 13, 2011. 900 views. ID = 5146
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Of course, everyone would want a Tardis as his or her choice of transportation but with the limited availability of reliable chameleon circuits the cost of owning one was out of the reach of most people. Well folks it is the dawn of a new age and we at Tardis Transportation©, or TT Inc. are proud to announce the 2021 Tardis Mark lV as the time delivery system for the masses. Why bother purchasing a Gulf Stream g650 to jet across the country when for a few million more your new 2021 Tardis can send you through time and space.

Who hasn't wanted to own a vehicle that is actually larger on the inside than the outside? Room for the whole family, shoot you can take the whole block if you want as well as your board of directors and yet it can be parked in a space no larger than four square feet. Although we kept the classic 'police box' like build and color of earlier models we've made great strides in taming those pesky chameleon circuits, in fact so well we can almost guarantee they will take you to your intended destination.

Once you find how your new Tardis Mark lV eases the difficulties of our modern world you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Of course, with your new Tardis Mark lV and its Time/Space Concourse package you will never have lived without it. That's right friends once inside your spacious Tardis Mark lV and the movement of a few levers your Tardis has always 'been yours'. Let's say, you promised Junior you'd be at his game but at the last minute you find you have a must attend meeting on the left coast. So do you break Junior's heart or lose the company a few billion dollars, with your new 2021 Tardis Mark lV you no longer have to choose for you can go to both.

Stop by your local Tardis Time Travel dealership and take the new Tardis Mark lV for a test spin, it might be the smartest move you've ever made. After if you don't agree with our slogan, "Tardis improves the quality of your life," we'll take you back to before your ride and then it will have never happened.

(Although we guarantee our time/ space delivery systems, there is no warranty on the mood of the Tardis. If she is displeased with you in any way there is no telling where she might send you. We can say she seldom gets jealous of spouses but we don't recommend taking secretaries along without a third party. However, as Dr. Who, a long time satisfied customer can attest you will never be sorry for your trip.)

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This post has been awarded 14 stars by 3 readers.
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