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The Outlet Malls, a Shopping Adventure: A bargain hunters Disneyland
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, May 22, 2011. 1279 views. ID = 4642

The Outlet Malls, a Shopping Adventure

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, May 22, 2011. 1279 views. ID = 4642
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Not a place for the weak of heart
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It may be because of the Scottish heritage from my mother's family, but without a doubt, my favorite place to shop is at the outlet mall. The one we visit is in a neighboring county, so we are just a short hour and a half away from shopping nirvana. This place is enormous with hundreds of stores and only the fiercest of ninja shoppers dare to shop the whole complex in one try. I think you can find a store there for anything you may desire or imagine and all at a discount.

Are you looking for a room full of furniture, we bought a bedroom set that included a huge king size platform bed. We ended up with all the matching accessories from spread and bed linens to an armoire almost as large as my college bedroom. Yet it is the minutia that can be found that entices me, such as a replacement toothpick for my Swiss Army knife or even a kitchen appliance just for peeling apples. There is the fudge store that has every sweet from divinity fudge to devil's food cake (although both taste heavenly they are far too tempting not to be inspired by the devil) and they are always glad to hand out samples of anything.

The mall is surrounded by motels and restaurants for those that make the outlet mall a vacation destination. I have even seen bus tours full of eager shoppers looking for that special discount to make their day. I recommend to all if you haven't tried it yet stop by an outlet mall if you get near one, it just might change the way you shop forever.

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This post has been awarded 8 stars by 2 readers.
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