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The Dream Machine: I don't explain them I just dream them
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Aug 14, 2011. 1121 views. ID = 4786

The Dream Machine

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Aug 14, 2011. 1121 views. ID = 4786
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I wish I was half as creative as my dreams
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I dream a lot,vivid real like and often nothing like my waking life. I wish I was even half as creative in my waking state as I am dreaming, even the plot of my only novel came to me in dream. I dream of living in places I've not never lived in, I've never even seen them in real life.

My dreams are complex with unforeseen twists and turns that to me, at least, are uninterpretable. Just last night I was a surgeon who joined a clandestine group of doctors and nurses that operate on patients who are not poor enough for Medicare but not wealthy enough to pay for expensive surgeries. A nurse and I meet with a brain surgeon to set up a surgery and to assure secrecy we run across a busy freeway to meet on the center strip. The doctor we are meeting is driving a custom VW bug that has to car seats built into the dashboard for his twins. This was when I woke up so this dream remains unfinished so I have no idea what the VW had to do with the plot and probably never will.

I would say my wildest dream happened years ago when I was still in school but I still remember it very well. I was standing on the roof of a seven story hotel looking at the ocean before me when suddenly I was falling to my death. I was in panic mode and my mind was racing as my arms and legs were flaying about. My mind told me not to worry, all I need do was to tuck just before I landed. With that thought I went from falling to floating and I was looking out over the ocean and even watching people on the beach below me. When I awoke I remembered I had taken a tumbling class that day in gym and had learned how to tuck to come to a standing oposistion and in my dream it worked perfectly.

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 2 readers.
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R. Wesley Lovil
Aug 14, 2011
Sorry about the typo where I insert a to for a two.
   ~Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Aug 14, 2011

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