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Putting Gods House in Order: You can't preach of love and live lives of hate
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Dec 4, 2011. 4416 views. ID = 5212

Putting Gods House in Order

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Dec 4, 2011. 4416 views. ID = 5212
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How did so many of his followers lose their goals?
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I have nothing against god; in fact, I think he built us a real nice place to live. It's god's flock that I have issue with, so many appear to have wandered off the path of righteousness and are now on the track of self-righteousness. I understand that there are many good 'Christian' people in the land and in fact, my mother was one, but that does not excuse those who preach of hate.

A good Christian shows respect and love for everyone, not just their kind. A good Christian wouldn't protest at a soldier's funeral just because the army now allows gays to help protect their country. A good Christian wouldn't gang up on a poor scared pregnant girl whose only sin is trying to get her life together rather than bring another unwanted child into the world. How can the churches preach of abstinence as the only form of birth control and then assail the women when it doesn't work. How can a church praise a man who takes a human life just because that human performed abortions, it's just ludicrous.

Instead of protecting its flock from pedophiles and rapists, the Catholic Church has chosen to cover for the guilty. They continually move a priest who is a sexual predator to a new location rather than take away his ability to take advantage of children. To me, the requirement that to be a priest you can never have a wife is an encouragement for men with deviate tendencies to join the ranks of the priesthood.

To the churches of the land I say take heed of my warning, get your houses in order. It has been 2000 years since Gods last visit and when he shows up the first place he will go is to check on his people. He knows we all sin but it is they who sin in his name that will most upset him.

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This post has been awarded 38 stars by 12 readers.
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Dec 7, 2011
Yes! Finally. Amen.
   ~Posted by Spader, Dec 7, 2011

Feb 23, 2012
Reminds me of a great bumper sticker I saw a few months back:

"I love God. It's his fans that I can't stand."

   ~Posted by jimblanchet, Feb 23, 2012

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