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My Last Ten Minutes: Some people can't decide on anything
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Mar 13, 2011. 5132 views. ID = 4416

My Last Ten Minutes

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Mar 13, 2011. 5132 views. ID = 4416
This post was written in 10 minutes.
Even with only ten minutes left, life goes on
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Minute 10: I have only ten minutes to live, this is too hard to grasp, my life can't be over already. There is so much more I've wanted to do and now no time for anything.
Minute 9: I'm such a procrastinator, all my life I've talked about doing things, but put them off until the last minute, well this is literally the last minute or minutes of my life so DO SOMETHING now.
Minute 8: Well, thank god I'm an agnostic, hey that's funny, I guess I've kept my sense of humor right up to the end. The end, my life is over; I should do something that I've always wanted to do.
Minute 7: Eat something, that's what I should do but what, there is so little time left what could I have, even a three minute egg would take too long to fix. What was my last meal, oh yeah a fast food drive through, I still have indigestion.
Minute 6: I'm looking at this wrong, ten minutes is a lifetime to some. For a mayfly ten minutes if forty percent of their life, if I were to tell a mayfly he still had ten minutes he'd be overjoyed. I have to stay positive, wait I am positive, I have only ten minutes left.
Minute 5: OK it is time to get serious, just what am I going to do with the rest of my life? Gee, that sounds like my mother always telling to do something with my life, well ma I wished I had listened to you now.
Minute 4: I hope my family will miss me as much as I missed my parents when there were gone. I didn't mean that, the pain never went away I miss them still today, right now. It would be better if my family forgot about me and got on with their life.
Minute 3: I've lost track of time, I should have set a timer or something, now I'm like everybody else I don't know how much time I have left, well I do know I have less than ten minutes.
Minute 2: I'm sure the time is getting close I need to do something. I hadn't planned much for today I think I was going to organize my sock drawer. I know, I was thinking of going to the beach tomorrow but it's too late now for the beach, besides, the good parking would all be gone, and I'd have to walk far.
Minute 1: The last of my life spent the same as the rest, all this thinking, debating with myself, and nothing accomplished. Why can't you just do something, anything just start...

"Wait, what are you saying, you mean there was a mistake and I am not dying? That's fantastic, that means I can change my life. From now on I'm going to be a doer not a thinker."
OK now what am I going to do with the rest of my life? maybe I should go get something to eat, but what? I'm not so hungry right now, I should go to the beach, but no it's too late for that maybe I could get to that sock drawer...

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This post has been awarded 61 stars by 19 readers.
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Mar 31, 2011
Love it! :D
   ~Posted by gabemay, Mar 31, 2011

Apr 25, 2011
Finally! A poem that's actually about something other than blood, tears and heartbreak. I like how you made a morbid subject funny.
   ~Posted by JettCakes, Apr 25, 2011

du courage
Aug 6, 2012
Nice story and very recognizable.
   ~Posted by du courage, Aug 6, 2012

Sep 3, 2012
Your use of the countdown was excellent.

Nicely done.

   ~Posted by Trent, Sep 3, 2012

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