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Mr. Magnificent: Who wouldn't want to play a super hero
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Feb 20, 2011. 1379 views. ID = 4377

Mr. Magnificent

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Feb 20, 2011. 1379 views. ID = 4377
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Teacher by day, super hero by night
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I know the genre of super hero movies has been done to death but who wouldn't want to play one on the big screen. I would like to be Mr. Stalwart, a mild mannered high school history teacher by day but in the night turns into Mr. Magnificent super hero.

Mr. Stalwart not only teaches his students about history and the importance of learning from our past he tries to lead them down the path to become adults who are responsible citizens of the world. Mr. Stalwart is a teacher who not only teaches the syllabus but listens to his students as well.

Once nighttime falls and all that is evil come out to wreck havoc on this fair city, mild mannered George Stalwart becomes Mr. Magnificent, defender of the good and destroyer of those who do malevolence. His incredible strength plus the ability to read the minds and thoughts of evil men give him the advantage over the evil doers of the city. The rage that boils inside Mr. Magnificent over evil changes his outside appearance so much no one who saw him would ever think he was George Stalwart.

As Mr. Magnificent's deeds become front-page news, George is upset that all his class wishes to talk about is the city's new super hero and how cool he is. He tries to show the class that his own alter ego is reactionary and a vigilantly at best but the class will not accept it. They are unable to understand that its Mr. Magnificent's ability to read the mind of an evil man that enables him to stop criminals many times before they commit their dastardly deed.

When George decides that Mr. Magnificent is leading his students into a reactionary life style that he abhors he retires his super hero vowing never to go out into the night again. However when his best student is cut down by a violent gang he knows what he has to do but he never forgives himself for losing a future leader of men. How does this film, well my friend that will cost you the price of a seat in the cinema.

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This post has been awarded 13 stars by 3 readers.
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