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Dear Mr. President: A letter of support
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jan 9, 2011. 1454 views. ID = 4296

Dear Mr. President

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jan 9, 2011. 1454 views. ID = 4296
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Making the hard decisions is never popular
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Dear President Obama,
I wish to thank you for your courage and foresight as you lead our ship of state through these troubled waters. Unlike the previous administration's attitude of first do no harm, which left us floundering in a sea of red ink yours, has kept trying to steer us strait to economic recovery. Although I do understand that only through compromise will we be able to accomplish any legislation, I beseech you to remain firm in your direction.

I personally feel the only way to turn our economy around is by putting more people back to work. The working class is the only people who can save our country from drowning in this sea of debt. For it is not only the unemployed who are stagnating our nation, it is working people who are concerned about losing their jobs as well.

As for your many distractors, I feel most are getting their direction from the right wing media, mainly from Rupert Murdock's TV stations and AM radio talk shows. This has grown into a strong voice and maybe the only way to calm the swell is to take the reactionary stand of going on these shows and defending your administration. I realize you are not a vain man but your side of this debate needs to be heard.

As with most leaders, only the test of time will tell how you will be perceived in history. Just remember only the strong can lead, so stay strong, and continue in your attempts to save our country.

R.W. Lovil, private citizen

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This post has been awarded 17 stars by 4 readers.
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