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Prince Angel Kokabiel Pays a Visit: God makes yet another sacrifice for his chosen creatures
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Dec 19, 2010. 1621 views. ID = 4229

Prince Angel Kokabiel Pays a Visit

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Dec 19, 2010. 1621 views. ID = 4229
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His love goes unappreciated and mostly unknown
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I am Kokabiel the prince angel of the stars or as said, I run the universe. As you may imagine I keep very busy and as so, I pay little to His 'diversion' as we call it. Once He created everything else, he spent his time molding a creature in His likeness and then an Eden for them to thrive in and populate. I don't know what happened as I said I stay far too busy to peek into His business but I do know He was not happy with His result and at one time washed the tiny orb almost clean of his creatures.

I had no idea why I was summoned before Him but rushed to my audience with an open mind. However, the proposition he put before me left me shocked and speechless. He told me he had a plan for His chosen creatures and wanted my help in announcing it to them. I knelt before Him with my mouth agape as He told me that He had bestowed upon His favorite creatures the gift of free will. No other but Him had ever had free will, not the stars, not the angels, not even Lucifer himself with his demons were allowed to choose right, or wrong, good or bad everything was predetermined how it was to operate its place in the universe.

He went on to tell me that since the time of their creation, He had never presented Himself before them as a guarantee of this free will. The creatures could only believe in Him through faith not proof and now He realized that far too many could not conceptualize this reverse side of the coin, so to speak. He has now decided to give them one more chance and is going to send His seed down to live among them. He said that surly one so pure would show them the path they needed to go down.

This is where I would be needed, He wanted me to move around my constellations until I could shine a star on a tiny plot of dirt named Bethlehem. This would be His announcement to the world of yet another sacrifice from Him to them. As you may imagine I was not happy with this situation but who am I to say no, I'm not the one with free will. To move the heavens to benefit one insignificant speck of matter that clearly seemed unworthy was not the way I would done things but of course, I did as told.

After finishing my work, I decided to visit this place for the first time. I wished to see my masterpiece and to visit among his chosen to see for myself if they were worth my effort. I appeared before a host of shepherds, tending their flocks and as they knew of my being, they all fell to their knees before me in fear. I calmed their fears and told them of His gift soon to arrive and to follow my star to him. As I remained among them, I soon found them to likable fellows and then understood His affirmation for them.

I left that ball of dirt with a better understanding of His affection for these creatures and I found myself hopping that they would finally understand their fate and follow the righteous path of their own free will as He intended.

Will His gift work as it should, well it is still too soon to know, I mean it has only been a couple thousand of their years but to be honest it doesn't look good. Their places of worship are full of farce and hate as each temple feels it has the only true path to Him. Their holy men spew out vitriol against any and all that might be different than they. Be it race, creed or sexual differences if they be different they are deviled. It is strange to me that the only people who have chosen to follow His way are called Humanists and they profess no belief in His existence. It is these Humanists that have shown me how His free will works; it is not a belief in Him that counts but the knowledge that helping your fellow creature that makes for a holy being.

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This post has been awarded 11 stars by 3 readers.
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