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The Aneraulax/ Man-wife of Surbia: A Mythological creature from the isle of Surbia
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Mar 22, 2009. 3787 views. ID = 2477

The Aneraulax/ Man-wife of Surbia

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Mar 22, 2009. 3787 views. ID = 2477
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We all know is is just a fantasy world where the husband does as much as the wife
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On the isle of Surbia lives the strange mythological creature called the Aneraulax. Named by the Greeks and roughly translated as 'man-wife' this unreal creature is thought to believe in many unheard of ideas, such as; 'marriage is a fifty-fifty partnership' and 'there is no such thing as women's work or men's work there is only work that needs to be done.' Although most Aneraulaxes enjoy sports, on TV or a day on the links, they also like to do things with their wives and many say they enjoy finding a bargain when shopping with the wife at the mall as much as playing par on the back nine. It has been said they get as much pleasure as their wives watching 'Grey's Anatomy' and I have heard some even cry watching Ghost Whisperer. One thing is known for sure the Aneraulax has made life on Surbia a more pleasurable experience for all, especially their wives who know no matter what, from just taking out the trash to changing a dirty diaper they can depend on their husband to do his part.

Of course, we know the Aneraulax is nothing but pure fantasy, a mythological creature that does not exist. We also know the Greeks created these myths to spin stories of satire, as a way of showing the human animal in a different light. I can only assume most of the wives and husbands of the world dream of living on Surbia, an isle of happy relationships, with couples working together toward a single goal of married bliss.

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This post has been awarded 28 stars by 7 readers.
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Mar 22, 2009
Oh, this is great. :) I like this one!
   ~Posted by Douglas, Mar 22, 2009

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