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Alphabet Soup - P/ A Person of Interest: The police take a look at an exhusband
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jun 7, 2009. 1210 views. ID = 2650

Alphabet Soup - P/ A Person of Interest

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Jun 7, 2009. 1210 views. ID = 2650
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A fantasy that could happen to anyone
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The cops told me I wasn't a suspect but merely a 'person of interest' so I was not that concerned. What I didn't know was they thought I did it but they just had no proof to arrest me. Why should I worry I knew I was innocent so I waited for the cops to either find the real culprit or at least see that I didn't do it. Every day that I heard nothing from the police increased my confidence that they would see my innocence.

When the cops showed up at my door with a search warrant was about the time I began to worry. They wouldn't tell me what they were looking for; they just tore my place apart. That is when I learned when your ex-wife is murdered the prime suspect is the ex-husband. I tried to tell them my ex and I got along better now than when we were married, they didn't seem to care. They wanted to know where I was the night she was killed but I couldn't remember that night it was so long ago I had no idea what I had been doing.

I went into a deep funk as I wondered just what was going to happen to me and I thought I was at the low point of my life but I was wrong. The low point was when they arrested me dragging me out my front door in handcuffs in front of my neighbors and the press. Next came the booking with the usual fingerprinting, mug shots etc.

As I sat in my cell wondering if, I might spend the rest of my life behind bars they released me. Turns out, it wasn't my ex that was murdered but a house sitter. My ex was out of the country on a vacation. The police did apologize to me but that did little to put my life back into order. The thing I learned was, if the police say your are just a 'person of interest' be afraid be very afraid.

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 2 readers.
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