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School Conversation: The inportance of Voting
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Oct 19, 2008. 2265 views. ID = 1899

School Conversation

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Oct 19, 2008. 2265 views. ID = 1899
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We see two friends different views on the importance of the up coming election
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As Sarah and Payln were walking to their history class together the following conversation was overheard by the school's new security monitors.
"Oh Payln aren't you excited about the up coming elections?"
"What do you mean whatever? This is a very important time in our history."
"Don't be so Emo. Don't you realize, the people are going to decide which direction we will be heading? The future is in the people's hands."
"Look Sarah I know you think this election junk is important, but I don't care about any of it. In fact I'm so bored with all the ads, everywhere you look there are ads. I just wish I could go to sleep until it is all over with."
"But Payln, what if someone got elected you didn't like and it was because you didn't vote? Don't you understand, if you don't vote you do not have the right to complain about the people who run things. Look I know you Payln Jane and there is nothing you like to do better than complaining."
"Well just so you know ,I like playing 'Spore" better than complaining."
"I bet you like playing 'Spore' and complaining at the same time better than just playing your silly game"
"Haw good one Sarah, You got me there. But anyway what good would my one vote do, it's just one vote. And besides I'll just lie and tell people I voted so I can complain anyway."
"Payln you're my best friend, you have to vote."
"Like I said 'whatever'"
"Payln I need you to vote. If you don't vote for me and that nasty Judith Lynn beats me and get into student council instead of me the whole school will suffer for it."

There the transmission ends as they walked into their history class

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This post has been awarded 15 stars by 3 readers.
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