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Memorable Christmas Party: Getting ready for a big party
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Dec 2, 2008. 2021 views. ID = 2074

Memorable Christmas Party

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Dec 2, 2008. 2021 views. ID = 2074
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This story is true and still is fresh in my memory
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My wife and I were getting ready to go the a Christmas party that we had been looking forward to ever since we received the invitation. An old friend of our was giving the party and we had not seen her for many years. When we RSVPed she informed us she had tried to get as many of the old gang together as she could.

It had just become one of those things, you slowly drift apart and then all of a sudden it has been years since getting together. My wife was really excited as she and the host had been best friends when they worked together. She was looking forward to catching up with all of the news of her old job. I too was thinking of all the fun we had with this group of people and I was wondering how we all had drifted apart.

I was already dressed and ready to go while my wife was still in the shower. As I sat waiting for her to get ready our young teenage daughter came into the room with a worried look on her face,
"Dad I have a candle burning in my bedroom and I can't blow it out. Can you help me?"
I couldn't understand why she couldn't blow out a simple candle but told her I would do it. I am not sure I can describe it to you but it was a candle inside a device which melted a scented wax on top in a little dish. When she would try to blow the candle out it would waver but not go out. I saw what the problem was, she could not get a strong enough puff of air to extinguish the flame. I picked up the device and held it close to my face, took a deep breath and blew as hard as I could. Well I put the flame out with ease but the melted wax in the top crested against the back of the bowl and then splashed in my face like an ocean wave.
I yelled in pain and dropped the candle. My daughter with concern rushed to my side to see if I was all right. When I looked up at her, it wasn't concern on her face but a big grin. The grin turned into laughter and had me wondering what had happened. She told me to look into the mirror and then I saw it, the left side of my face had all of my facial hair burnt off. No mustache, no sideburns, no eyebrow, not even eyelashes. Now the right side was fine all of my facial hair in place. I went into the bathroom to show my wife, as she peeked out of the shower she started laughing so hard I was concerned she would slip and fall.
I told my wife that I would have to take my shirt and tie off to re shave the right side of my face to match the left side. My wife said no way, you have to go just like that it will be the hit of the party. I guess I should include at this point that I have had a mustache and side burns for like twenty years and not many of our friends had ever seen me with out them. I finally agreed with my wife and went to the party with half a face bald and half a face with hair.
We had a great time and I was the talk of the party. Yet I don't remember much about the party but I will never forget getting ready.

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 3 readers.
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Dec 2, 2008
That's a great story. :)
   ~Posted by Douglas, Dec 2, 2008

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