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Love: Is it a noun a verb or the power to make the world go around
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Aug 16, 2008. 1268 views. ID = 1602


Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Aug 16, 2008. 1268 views. ID = 1602
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Love is such a strange word. We talk about love lost or love gained or to love someone or even to make love to someone. Yet we really don't know any hard facts about love. Everyone has a different idea of what love really is. When two people meet then fall in love we wonder how thay did it. It seems so simple and yet to some it never happens or even worst they fall into love with someone who does not feel the same way toward them.

Yet no matter how bad we do in the matters of the heart, we want to carry on to keep falling in love. When our hearts get broken we know the pain will never go away and then some day it doesen't feel so bad and we are looking to fall in love again.

I guess love does make the world go around. If you count sex and reproductiuon it is the only way the world would go around. Still there is more to love than sex, now this is odd coming from the male part of the equation I know but if we men would only admit that we need more from our partners that a roll in the hay we could show our need suport and our need to be needed. I think this can only come from someone who love us and to get uncondidtional love you have to give uncondidtional love.

The bottom line on love is it is not rocket science you can't put it into a formula you just have to accept it for what is without question. Just remember when you have love everything else doesn't matter and when you lose that love no matter what you have seems just not worth it.

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This post has been awarded 3 stars by 1 reader.

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