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Thanksgiving on the Farm: The animals on the farm pause to express their thanks for the blessings of farm life.
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Oct 27, 2008. 1520 views. ID = 1934

Thanksgiving on the Farm

Posted by Rabbit Stu, Oct 27, 2008. 1520 views. ID = 1934
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Yes, another talking animals poem. :)
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'Twas a cool autumn night, at the end of November
And everyone paused to give thanks and remember;
'Though life on a farm has its measure of quirks,
All the creatures acknowledged its joys and its perks.
The old rooster stood first, with a cluck and a squawk,
And he started them off with a fine, grateful talk.
"I'm so thankful for Bowser who always stands guard,
And who keeps all the foxes away from the yard."
Then with eager delight spoke the horse from his stall,
"I am thankful today for the end of the fall,
For my owner has packed up my saddle and bridle;
From now until spring I can rest and stand idle!"
The pig, from his pen, he poked up his pink snout,
And he said, "For a pig there is never a doubt,
The best blessing's a mud pit to wallow and slosh,
And go day after day without having to wash."
But the cow, with directness befitting her kind,
Spoke the words that were foremost on everyone's mind,
"As we pause to reflect on this Thanksgiving Day,
And we bow to give thanks, I would just like to say
That by this time next year, I will likely be jerky,
But I thank the Creator that I ain't a turkey!"

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This post has been awarded 38 stars by 9 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: Thanksgiving - A Month Early


Oct 29, 2008
Not a celebration we have in Australia, but I'd always heard that turkeys celebrate Thanksgiving on the day after Thanksgiving.
   ~Posted by Scribbler, Oct 29, 2008

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