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My Clever Christmas Scheme: I had a scheme to ensure that I would have the best Christmas ever. It didn't work out, though.
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Nov 30, 2007. 4605 views. ID = 356

My Clever Christmas Scheme

Posted by Rabbit Stu, Nov 30, 2007. 4605 views. ID = 356
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Sorry, this doesn't exactly fit the writing prompt - except that I suppose this would be reason to not like Christmas! :)
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I schemed and I plotted and devised a fine ploy,
To ensure that the season would be filled with great joy.
But my hopes and my dreams, they all have been shot
My planning and plotting has at last come to naught.

I thought it would work - it sure would be great -
What girl could resist such a wonderful bait?
For there I was standing with face all aglow,
Wearing a hat that was covered with fresh mistletoe!

I thought it was clever, I thought it was fine,
The girl of my dreams would finally be mine!
Sadly I gained not one peck on the cheek,
Though I stood there like that, for week after week.

I puzzled and fumed, and I scratched my poor brain,
Then one girl spoke up, her words filled with disdain.
This girl was a botanist, and here's what she said:
"Is there a reason you've got poison oak on your head?"

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This post has been awarded 27 stars by 6 readers.
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Nov 30, 2007
Aw! Poor Rabbit! Rejection and itching. Could Christmas get any worse? ;-)
   ~Posted by Katie, Nov 30, 2007

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