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being alone together: Technology has overrun our society and hazed our idea about what we consider a connection versus a conversation
Posted by peekaboo28, Oct 20, 2015. 1477 views. ID = 7034

being alone together

Posted by peekaboo28, Oct 20, 2015. 1477 views. ID = 7034
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On April 21, 2012 Sherry Turkle wrote an article for the New York Times and it was so thought provoking I wrote this.

Check it out:

The thought of being vulnerable with someone we're uncomfortable with is absolutely terrifying.

In order to cope, we cover up with edited and critiqued statuses, tweets and captions to convey that we're happy, sad, mad- anything we want because we can. When it comes to facing things in person we freeze. We're unable to uphold conversations and those important discussions look so much more desirable with a phone as a buffer.

No, screw that.

We all want the same thing, we crave that intimate connection and we'll practically do anything for it. We'll force it, get mad when there isn't an immediate text back and end up creating a problem that isn't there.

Our society thrives off of us buying into this idea of connection or happiness. I mean if you're in a public place - look up. Chances are there's people surrounding you but they're all invested in some sort of device. Couples out on dates both looking down. Friends walking in groups but all on their phones tweeting about the same damn thing.

Put it down.

Stop Facebooking, Tweeting, and Instagraming; being "alone together". Go out and create a genuine conversation, a real relationship- something that actually has matter to it.


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