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chapter one, untitled: hey guys, i started writing shorts again.. enjoy
Posted by peekaboo28, May 11, 2014. 979 views. ID = 6652

chapter one, untitled

Posted by peekaboo28, May 11, 2014. 979 views. ID = 6652
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chapter one
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Chapter One.
"Aspen Grace it's time to wake up!", Aspen's mother, Christie, yelled as she barged into her room. When she opened the door she was surprised to see Aspen already up and putting on her makeup.
"Oh, I wasn't expecting for you to already be awake", Christie said.
"I know right? It's a little early for me!", Aspen said as she walked to the other side of her room. She seemed to be in a good mood, something that she hadn't been in a long time. "What shirt do you think I should wear? I want to turn heads on my first day of senior year"
Christie pointed to a coral tank top laid out on Aspen's bed. Aspen had dark tan skin originating from her Greek and Japanese roots and dark brown hair that reached to the small of her back.
"Well I made some breakfast for you, it's on the counter.", Christie walked up to Aspen and hugged her. "I love you so much Asp. Today is going to go great, I just know it."
Aspen looked up at her mother and gave her a dainty smile. "I love you too mom, I'll be fine"
"I know you will", Christie replied as she wiped away the tears that bridged her eyes. "I just can't believe how fast you're growing up."
"Mom, you're going to ruin my makeup!", Aspen joked around and she walked away and to a mirror. "This day has to be perfect.", she whispered to herself.
Aspen gathered all of her books and binders together, grabbed the breakfast on the counter and hurried out the door. She smiled as she walked to her red truck parked at the end of their long driveway. Things were changing for her, she knew it. Last year she spiraled into a pretty dark road and she was ready for a fresh start with a new year.
By the time she got to school there were barely any parking spots left, but she managed to find one close to the front of school. As she got out of her truck a group of boys walked past her and she tried her best to ignore them.
"Hey Asp, wanna go smoke a b l u n t or maybe go have s e x? I know you're a bad girl", one of them said as the group burst into laughter.
Aspen closed her eyes tight as she looked to the ground, ashamed. She took a deep breath and ignored the boys; she wasn't going to let them ruin this for her, not now, not ever. She walked around the group and over to where her friends waited in the morning. As she walked up to the outside of the administration building two girls ran up to her and gave her a huge bear hug almost knocking her off of her feet.
"Alex, Rae, hey you guys! I've missed you so much!", Aspen exclaimed. She had spent majority of her summer in rehab and wasn't allowed any visitors.
"We have so much to tell you!", Rae exclaimed with a slight smirk. Rae enjoyed staying out until the sun came up causing some sort of trouble. She was a party girl, and a lot of times Aspen felt like an outsider.
"Doesn't sound like a surprise coming from you", Aspen joked back. She knew that Rae always had a story to tell about some guy she met at a party. Aspen looked over at Alex and noticed she had a blank stare on her face.
"What's up A? Is something wrong?" Aspen said with strain in her voice. You could tell that she was a little worried.
"It's nothing, don't worry about it." Alex replied. The bell rang indicating the start of school. "I gotta go, I'm going to be late to Econ", and with that Alex was gone.
"Okay, well we'll talk later!", Rae said and walked off to first period.
Aspen stood standing in front of the admin building and a wave of nostalgia crashed over her. She just assumed that when she got back from rehab her friends would be there for her and not treat her different. Something was nagging her in the back of her mind, she just couldn't put her finger on it yet.

The rest of the school day passed by pretty quick, Aspen received stares and quiet whispers from people all day. When the final bell rang, Aspen bolted for the door and walked at a quick pace to her truck. Before she knew it, her books sprawled across the floor and papers flew everywhere. She looked up just to realize she ran into someone, and not just anyone, but her ex.
"Oh s h i t. Aspen? I uh.. I wasn't expecting to see you around.", her ex, Drew, said. Drew was a tall, brown haired, blue eyed masterpiece. His arms were chiseled and he had a perfect square jawline. Aspen met him through their film class and they automatically hit it off until he cheated on her with a mystery girl and Aspen spiraled.
"Hey. Uh sorry, yeah I was released from rehab early.", Aspen bent down to pick up her things and so did Drew. Aspen could feel the dormant butterflies in her stomach start to awaken. She started picking up her things quicker. She and Drew reached to pick up a pencil and their hands collided. Aspen looked up at Drew and she so badly wanted to lean over and kiss him, she didn't realize how much she missed him until now. Aspen quickly snapped out of it and stood up with her things in a jumbled mess. "Well, I have to get going, I have somewhere to be right now.", Aspen said frantically. She felt the tears in her eyes welling up and she knew she had to get out of there. She couldn't bear to see the one person she loved looking at her like she was an animal in the zoo.
"Yeah, okay. Well, it was good to see you, I've really missed you", Drew replied sympathetically. Aspen could tell he really wanted to catch up. She quickly turned away as the tears streamed down her face and whispered to herself "I miss you too, Drew."

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.

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